Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is shaping out better than anything. Affiliate Marketing is the perfect one. There are many ways to earn online. Most of us often dream a hassle free business and of course affiliate is one such type. A relaxed way of earning money with move freedom and free time. It is the most trending business world on the field. We are yet to explore the possibilities and gain out of it.

There are seller, buyer, mediator (affiliate), and an affiliate network in affiliate marketing. You as an affiliate, promoting the products or services of the seller. You get payment obligatory from the seller. Affiliate marketing is the simplest way when the buyer passes the shop website and makes his purchase, and you get your commission as a mediator. Your website provides the seller's website traffic. The retailer gets to know that the customer is coming from the affiliate's website that's why a referral link is being created in advance. Here affiliate is the sale agent. There are affiliate networks such as Amazon, Clickbank, eBay partner network, etc. We at Weblinx, help you understand the core concepts affiliate marketing. Including,Choose a profitable niche,Promote affiliate products through social media and Understand affiliate marketing concepts. We are cnfident enough to tell you that you will be able to earn your own income from internet after succesfully completing our Affiliate marketing course. .


Compensation methods
Email spam
Search engine spam
Trademark bidding
Affiliate Networks
Choosing the right product
Competitive Analysis
Industry Standards


Web design and development
Tracking visitors over the web
Integrating social plugins
Domain Authority
Social Promotions
Integrating third party tools
Trustworthiness Of Website


Locating and signing up with Affiliate networks
Implementing outbound tracking links
Driving traffic to the website
Distributing plugins, add-ons, apps & widgets
RCase study – Invisible Hand
Selling prominent ad spaces

At Weblinx you will learn about all the important concepts about Affiliate marketing. Our Specialized Curriculum includes A-Z of Affiliate Networking and Marketing. we provide all our immense graduates with 100% Placement assistance, top quality training and continueed support even after course completion.


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