If your website doesn’t encourage visitors it will never succeed. Websites that are not user-friendly will lose customers and damages your SEO. Usability is about creating an overall experience.

It’s rare to see a site that’s great for both users and search engines and easy to build a usable website. Increased search engine ranking is the key to increased revenue. 5 Usability principles are becoming more important as search engines. These 5 usability principle factors help the website to reach a higher ranking in the organic search results pages of the search engine. Boost your SEO with the 5 usability principles…

Marketers associate SEO with lead generation and customer acquisition. The most important motive behind the implementation of SEO is to drive website traffic and to provide an excellent user experience. There are many usability factors that a webpage owner must keep in mind while designing the content of the page. 

Attainable and Accessible

The important aspect of the usability of a website is accessibility, availability, and attainability. People trying to access your website, if it doesn’t work then your website is of no use it’s worthless. Not only users will become frustrated. But chances are you’ll also lose new customers.

Try to make your site mobile-friendly. As most the people access to sites through their mobile phones.


Another most important aspect of usability is learnability. The goal must be to design intuitive interfaces that don’t require instructions.

Make those intuitive designs that people already know, or create something new and is easy to learn.

You can offer additional information, or instructions the first time they use your site or product and service and also you must keep it simple and visible to your potential users.


Trust is another important factor in any business. Building trust among your visitors and customers is really important.

Even if they don’t trust you or if people find the content they are looking for it makes your site and its content worthless.

It’s very important to make people believe in you that you’re a real company with real people. So make sure you’re precise and honest about your content and also avoid mistakes such as incorrect grammar or spelling mistakes.

Clarity should be there

Make sure there is confusing content that distracts or puzzles your visitors and customers. In this case, they either need time to examine what they came for.

So these may be the chances that they leave your site dissatisfied and with no intention of coming back. you have to fulfill these goals as soon as possible and also keep in mind that visitors come to your site with certain goals.

Make your site mobile-friendly

A mobile-friendly site fetches more visitors and converts them into your potential customers.

Final thoughts!

I just want to tell you guys that attaining good usability is not a cup of tea, It requires a great amount of research and also an interactive approach to consistent testing and refining. When you apply these 5 usability principles to your website it’ll definitely boost your SEO, you’ll be benefited from many happy customers and site visitors who will visit in the future

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